San Antonio’s Oldest Operating Coffee Roaster

Single origins to dark roasts and everything in between

What’s Brewing?

We’re an old and new school, no nonsense coffee roaster that understands people like to drink their coffee many different ways. Roger Chbeir started the business by asking the question, “what kind of coffee do people like to drink?” Our business continues to be shaped by the answer to that question. For nearly 40 years we have been offering a variety of coffees ranging from light roasted single origins to thoughtfully crafted and darkly roasted blends. The business continues to operate as Roger’s two sons Sami and Tony maintain the tradition of freshly roasting and careful curation of green beans to ensure ours and our customers’ standards are met. Our coffees are always specialty graded, freshly roasted, and delicious! Our goal is to help you make the coffee that you like to drink, at home. We thank our customers for their loyalty and look forward to many more years of sharing and drinking delicious coffees with you. Cheers!

Warehouse Manager

For a long time, Tony held the title of highest volume coffee roaster in San Antonio, seconded only by his brother Sami. These days, Tony handles service and delivery to wholesale clients, fathers two beautiful children, and upkeeps the tradition of authentic business relationships. Find him at every restaurant in town, at the star-parties he hosts at the warehouse, and carefully tending to the coffee plants at Finca La What’s Brewing? (Check our Facebook page periodically to see when the next Star Party is! Come by for food, coffee, and awesome telescope viewings.)

Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, and Warehouse Manager

The youngest of three kids growing up in San Antonio, Sami watched as his father worked hard to bring specialty coffee to South Texas. He began roasting beside his brother and father in 1997. Sami, and the rest of the Chbeir kids, graduated from Churchill High School, where he met his wife Natalie. They have three kids whom they love to travel with. He’s a fair mountain biker, a lousy dancer and a lover of audio books.

Manager of Sales

Christopher is a lover of life who can’t seem to sit still. He’ll answer your phone calls, design a bar, and pull an espresso all at the same time. One day, he’ll conquer the world, but for now, he’s just managing our office, working towards a PhD, and learning how to pour latte art.

Assistant to the Manager of Sales

Jake, or “dude” as he’s better known, is an ex-barista, sculptor, and owner of a couch. He works in our office and store, learning about coffee from the roasters’ perspective, and helping customers get the coffee they’re looking for.

Roaster and Training

A homegrown coffee geek and environmentalist, Mo was found by What’s Brewing thanks to his high school calculus teacher he was selling his own home roasted coffee to. He enjoys live music, cooking, riding his bike, and sending memes to his three siblings.

Packaging, Blending, and Delivery

Father to 2 beautiful daughters, an artist to some, who enjoys travel, watching NBA basketball, listening to hip hop, and is an avid railroad enthusiast.

Senior Warehouse Lead

Anthony loves to cook, the outdoors, and going to his ranch.

Packaging and Shipping

John loves to go outdoors and to the ranch, cooking, but most of all, hanging out with his Dad.


Roger is the reason we’re all here. He’s a living legend whose story cannot justifiably be fit on an internet webpage. You’ll have to visit our store in hopes of catching him and hearing the stories firsthand. While you’re here, you can take home some of the blend that carries his namesake, Roger’s Blend, originally blended by Roger himself.